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Sango Fighter
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Sango Fighter is a two player combat game. The IP and distribution rights were purchased in 2010 by the Super Fighter Team and the game was subsequently released as freeware.


The following tools are able to work with this game.

Name PlatformGroup/archives Levels Graphics Music Sounds Text Saves .exe patch Notes
Camoto Linux/WindowsEditNoNoNoNoNoNoNo

File formats

These files are in the main game directory.

File name Description
*.col 6-bit VGA Palette
Archive files in DAT Format (main/UINT32LE version)
Archive files in DAT Format (alternate/UINT16LE version)
vs1.rlc Chinese/PC98: Archive file in DAT Format (alternate/UINT16LE version), English: Image file, see below
*.spr Sprites in Sango Fighter Sprite Format

Archive contents

Each of the above archive files is in the same format. The files within each archive are in the formats listed below, and can be extracted from the archive by the tools listed above.

File name Description
bonus.dat Big image; compressed 320×99 multi-image; 7×9 multi-image
color.dat 6-bit VGA Palettes
music.mid Background music in MID Format
open.pbn Chinese/PC98: Big image; 2x small images, 3x 320×94 images, 272×192 image
eopen.pbn English: Big image; 2x small images, 3x 320×94 images, 280×336 image
score.pbm Small image; 14×15 multi-image; 30×28 multi-image
voice.pcm Digitised sound effects in Compact PCM Format (very similar to VOC Format)
workpage.pbn Big image; compressed archive (?) with small images

Image files

These files are stored in the main game directory, and contain images of the given dimensions. All images are 8bpp (raw VGA) format without any header. Files with multiple images have them concatenated with no separating data. Compressed files use Sango Fighter RLC Compression.

File name Compressed? English Chinese PC98 Description
bigdig.bin N 2 @ 18×16
1 @ 18×19
10 @ 15×16
! Or are first 3 images 18×17?
! Last 10 seem to be 16×16 - confirm
gen.bin N 15 @ 64×88
9 @ 16×16
6 @ 24×24
6 @ 16×16
2 @ 24×24
head.bin N 13 @ 30×28 ?
end[1-9]*.rlc Y ? @ 320×120 ?
escape.rlc Y 2 @ ? ?
fight.xbb N ? N/A ?
san.rlc Y 242×75 ?
st.rlc Y 129×108 ?
start.rlc N N/A ? ?
jstart.rlc N N/A ? ?
ending.rlc Y 280×182 272×192 ?
jending.rlc Y N/A 272×160 ?
vs1.rlc Y 40×24 Different format ?
vsend.xbb N 280×58 272×32 ?
jvsend.xbb N N/A 272×32 ?