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Released in 2001, Pumpy is a Sokoban-like 3D puzzle game. You play as a 3D bouncing pumpkin who can push around key blocks into their respective color lock-pads in order to unlock doors and complete the levels.

It is a freeware game which comes with a good level editor, both the game and the level editor have 3 executables for Software mode, OpenGL mode and DirectX mode.

File formats

File name Description
*.3do Possibly the models.
*.lev Extension for the levels, editable with the official level editor.
*.pcx All sort of textures and fonts found in the game; the interface uses .pcx graphics too.
*.wav Sound files of the game, safe to replace with other sounds, allowing further modding possibilities.
*.mod Probably midi files, but the extension is ".MOD" and not ".MID", this needs further investigation.