PREF.DAT (Witchaven)

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PREF.DAT (Witchaven)
Format typeConfiguration

The Witchaven PREF.DAT contains settings that can be changed within the game (as opposed to in the configuration utility), and is written to as well as read from in the main game EXE.

File structure

Offset Type Description
0 INT16 Extra gore on (1) / off (0)
2 INT16 brightness (0-8) (Gamma correct, but game only loads and doesn't apply it)
4 INT16 gbrightness (0-8) (As above, but game only applies it after doing lighting FX like lightning)
6 INT16 Sound effects volume (0-16)
8 INT16 Music volume (0-16)
10 INT16 Difficulty setting (1-4)


The Witchaven source code was consulted.