OPL3 Bank Editor

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OPL3 Bank Editor
OPL3 Bank Editor.png
PlatformGNU/Linux, Windows, macOS
Release date2016-06-09
HomepageOPL3 Bank Editor

OPL3 Bank Editor is a free and open-source utility to create and edit various music instrument bank formats, developed by Wohlstand. Various bank formats are had no own bank editor (For example, TMB Format which is a result of a generating by merging and chopping of two IBK files by official MAKETMB utility, or Junglevision Patch File Format which has proprietary bank editor that wasn't available in public), or had them be inconvenient. This bank editor allows working with all those formats by having same and friendly UI.


  • Support for 2-operator, pseudo-4-operator, and 4-operator instruments and banks.
  • Instrument testing through Nuked OPL3, DosBox OPL3, Opal, Java OPL3, and YMFM emulators.
  • Instrument testing on hardware using various Serial Port protocols, C-Media chips, and through the Windows 98 version to test on real Sound Blaster or compatible sound cards.
  • Playing single notes and various chords.
  • Mouse-clickable piano claves to test various notes.
  • Keyboard can be used to test instruments like on a piano.
  • "Shut-up" button which allows to quickly mute all chip's channels.
  • Tool-tips are describing purposes of every field.
  • Import/Export of single instrument files.
  • Instrument import from music files such as from IMF and CMF.
  • Ability to toggle global Deep Tremolo and Deep Vibrato flags.
  • Support for both melodic and rhythm mode percussions.
  • Performance benchmark of supported emulators.