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Release dateNever made public

Muse was the tool that Id Software used to create (and modify) files in AudioT Format. Unlike TED5 and IGRAB, Muse and its source code were not released to the public, so there is not much to say about it, except for the following:

Muse. Torture in the form of an executable. Oh, yeah, you can edit PC and AdLib sounds in it. And import music. And see a digitized sound import that doesn't do anything. And see funny blue lines march across your screen. And save out five meg sound files. And have two red lines that show the end of the sound. And see a red line and no sound, though you can play it. And have all the maximum values suddenly disappear. All these features, and no damn cut and paste! For a fuckin' year!!! (But i'm not bitter ... )[1]


  1. Taken from The Doom Bible