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Moraff's World
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MoraffWare's Moraff's World is a first-person dungeon crawler for MS-DOS, released as shareware in 1991 by MoraffWare. This is the second game in MoraffWare's series of role-playing games, is the direct successor to Moraff's Revenge, and is succeeded by Dungeons of the Unforgiven.

Moraff's World is notable for its wide range of display options. It is capable of displaying graphics on everything from CGA/Hercules to SuperVGA, supporting everything from 320x200 with 4 colors to 1024x768 with 256 colors.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
? Player Character A saved player character. Up to 10 characters can be saved (with filenames ranging from 0 through 9, corresponding to the slot that the character is stored in).
?0.DUN Map The sections that have been explored on each dungeon level. Note that changing this file does not change the dungeon layout. The first character of the filename is the slot number for the corresponding player. ! See if this uses the same format as Dungeons of the Unforgiven.
?MON.MAP Monster Map A dump of the currently generated monsters in the dungeon. Each player character has a monster map, with filenames ranging from 0MON.MAP through 9MON.MAP.
DUNG.BIN Unknown Unknown
H.BIN In-Game Text This plaintext files contain many of the in-game messages, aside from the UI messages.
ROLL.TXT Character Creation Text This file contains text blocks used during the character creation process. Each screen element reads a fixed number of lines from the text file.
WORLDMAP.BIN Unknown Unknown
*.FNT Font A few fonts that are used by the game. These are most likely vector fonts.
*.HLP Help File Stores the colored text that's displayed in the in-game help screens.
*.PIC Picture A set of files containing the game's sprites and textures. Due to the game's wide ranging display support, it's likely that the images are vectorized. ! See if this uses the same format as Dungeons of the Unforgiven.
  • All bundled executables are compressed with PKLite compression. Despite MW.EXE being used to launch the game, all of the game logic is stored in WORLD.EXE.