Microsoft BASIC MML

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Microsoft BASIC MML
Format typeMusic
Notation typeCustom
InstrumentsPC speaker
Max channel count1
Max track count1
Max pattern count1
Max order count0

Microsoft BASIC MML is a Music Macro Language developed by Microsoft for their version of the BASIC computer language. The format supports a fair number of traditional sheet music notation. Many games developed in Microsoft BASIC will use this format for music and sound effects. However, despite being initially developed for BASIC, libraries were written which could play the MML in other languages as well, so there are also DOS games written in languages other than BASIC which use this format.

For example, the following MML will play Yankee Doodle:

o4 l8 g g a b g b a d g g a b l4 g l8 f# d g g a b> c< b a g f# d e f# l4 g g l8 e. l16 f# l8 e d e f# l4 gl8 d. l16 e l8 d c l4< b> d l8 e. l16 f# l8 e d e f# g e d g f# a l4 g g

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