Major Stryker Tileset Format

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Major Stryker Tileset Format
Major Stryker Tileset Format.png
Format typeTileset
Max tile countFixed, varies
PaletteDefault EGA
Tile names?No
Minimum tile size (pixels)8×8
Maximum tile size (pixels)16×16
Plane count4-5
Plane arrangementByte-planar
Transparent pixels?Yes
Hitmap pixels?No
Supports sub-tilesets?No
Compressed tiles?No
Hidden data?No

The Major Stryker tileset format is almost identical to the Cosmo Tileset Format except the tiles are mostly 16×16 instead of Cosmo's 8×8.

The tileset graphics are stored in the following files.

16x16 pixel tiles

Filename Type Planes Tile count Image size
TZONE*.DR? Solid tileset BGRI 240 320×192
MSKZON*.DR? Masked tileset MBGRI 240 320×192
ACTORS*.DR? Actor graphics MBGRI 240 320×192
ARCTICBD.DR1 Backdrop BGRI 160 256×160
CITYBK2.DR1 Backdrop BGRI 160 256×160
LAVABKDP.DR1 Backdrop BGRI 160 256×160
SPACBDP3.DR1 Backdrop BGRI 160 256×160
SPACBDP4.DR1 Backdrop BGRI 160 256×160
WATRBK2.DR1 Backdrop BGRI 160 256×160
XINTRO.DR1 Intro/Cutscene MBGRI 240 320×192
XINTROB.DR1 Intro/Cutscene BGRI 240 320×192
XMSK.DR1 Intro/Cutscene MBGRI 240 320×192
BORDERP.DR1 Border/Faces BGRI 240 320×192
FINAL*.DR? Final pics BGRI 240 320×192

Other tiles

Filename Type Planes Tile count Tile size Image size
FONTBACK.DR1 ? MBGRI 120 8×8 320×24
FONTDR.DR1 ? M 89 8×8
89 16×16
KISS.DR3 ? M 280 16×16 320×224

Note that in FONTDR.DR1 the 8×8 tiles come first, and are then immediately followed by the 16×16 tiles.

All tile graphics are stored as Byte-planar EGA data. The files have no header.

The EGA planes are always in the order Blue, Green, Red and Intensity (BGRI). Some tilesets may use an additional Mask plane (M), which is always stored first in the file, and some tilesets contain only this mask plane.


The files listed on this page were identified by K1n9_Duk3. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)