Jazz Jackrabbit Demo Format

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Jazz Jackrabbit Demo Format
Format typeMacro
Maximum length2 min 7 sec

Jazz Jackrabbit demos are stored in the MACRO.X files. Epic had a demo writing program, but there is no way to record demos in Jazz.

Data type Name Description
UINT16LE type Level type, $FFFF is normal, $0000 3D bonus stage
UINT16LE level Level extension thus $0002 is LEVELX.002
UINT16LE episode World number, thus $0004 is LEVEL4.000
UINT16LE difficulty Difficulty of demo, 0-4 is easy to turbo.

Demo data is merely a 1023 byte string of 1-byte entries, each 1/8th of a second long. What Jazz does depends on the value of the bits in each byte entry. Jazz can do a maximum of two noncontradictory things, (E.g. jump and shoot.) If Jazz is told to do more than two things, or two things that contradict (Move right and left.) then it will do the most important one (Or two.)

The importance of various actions are as follows: exit > jump > change gun > shoot > stand still > look down > look up > move right > move left.

The bits and their function is as follows:

Bit Purpose
0 If 0, move left, if 1, look up
1 If 1, move right
2 If this and Bit 0 are both 1, stand still
3 If 1, look down
4 If 1, shoot
5 If 1, change gun
6 If 1, jump
7 If 1, end level