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  1. Press Esc to access the menu
  2. On the Game menu, choose Password
  3. Type in LETSRIP! and press Enter
  4. Cheat mode on, let's rip! will appear
  5. Start a new game, and the following keys will work:
Key Action
A Add to air supply
S More shields
J JASON probe
H Make JASON fire when you do
R Rapid/auto fire
F Full fire (largest projectile)
U Upward shooting
G God mode

Level passwords

Episode Password Level
1 1 Shallow Sea
1 UR2GD Micro Menace
1 URGR8 Tulip Tango
1 4GOOD Red Tide
1 2MUCH4U Fathom's of Teeth
1 ACE Think Tank
1 BS1 Oscar's Lair
1 SEC1 Outpost Enigma
2 DNUNDR Atlantis
2 OUT2GTU Aqua Tremendom
2 AIC Spawning Waters
2 HANG10 JASON Quest
2 RUN4IT Frantic Attack
2 BS2 Enter Otis
2 SEC2 ??????
3 GETIT Sea Escape
3 URINDE Deep Enigma
3 SOS Sink or Swim
3 RUN2ME Marathon
3 512TR Lab Rynth
3 2B4UDY Abyss of Peril
3 HOH Halls of Hell
3 RIP Mysterious Maze
3 BS3 Confrontation


These cheats were found in cheats.txt inside riptide.dat.