Hocus Pocus Text Format

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Hocus Pocus Text Format
Format typeText
Text purposeStory
Line endingsFixed length
Character setASCII

The text pages are always sized 1686 bytes and contain the following header:

0 UINT16LE iLineCount  number of lines used (required to center the text)
2 UINT16LE iUnknown1   always 0x000A
4 UINT16LE iUnknown2   eiter 0x0008 or 0x000A

The header is followed by 20 entries of the following structure:

0 UINT16LE iAlignment  0=centered; 0x000A=align left
2 UINT16LE iTextColor  palette index = 0xB8 + 8*iTextColor

This is followed by 20 strings of length 80 that contain the actual text for each line.