Hocus Pocus Palette Format

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Hocus Pocus Palette Format
Format typePalette
Colour depth18-bit
Number of colours128
Hocus Pocus palette

The Hocus Pocus Palette Format stores the colours used to view Hocus Pocus maps. The main palette is stored in the first two 384 byte files inside the HOCUS.DAT file, the first of which contains the initial 128 colour values in the palette and the second containing the remaining 128 colours. The second palette follows directly after the first palette file, so they can be treated as a single file of 768 bytes when reading from HOCUS.DAT. The first palette file starts at the following offset in HOCUS.DAT:

Version Offset File # (0-based index)
Leaked Beta 0x249BC 7 and 8
Shareware v1.0 0x24600 6 and 7
Shareware v1.1 0x245F0 6 and 7
Registered v1.0 0x25504 7 and 8
Registered v1.1 0x254F4 7 and 8

The palette is in classic VGA format (6-bit RGB.)