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Release date2015-12-26
DownloadVersion 1.2

HocusEditor is a modding tool for Hocus Pocus written by Hisymak, primarily it is a level editor. Since later versions it became more complex modding tool, which can also export and import game resources, edit graphics, and patch the game executable.

Level editing features

  • Open/save levels directly from/to HOCUS.DAT or an external level file
  • Read tilesets and sprites directly from HOCUS.DAT
  • Advanced map editing possibilities, allowing you make maps more easily and fast:
    • Three editing modes: Tile mode, Pattern mode and Block mode
    • Predefined Pattern and Block presets for each tileset, ability to add your own presets
    • Undo&Redo feature
    • Copy&Paste feature (works also between different maps)
    • Flood-fill feature
    • Auto-draw window borders feature
    • Shift map feature
  • Full support for editing all special objects and events (teleports, monsters, switches, locks...)
  • Editing level properties, animation and monster data
  • Show/hide specific map layers, show grid feature
  • Minimap feature (providing schematic overview of all map)
  • Save map image feature
  • Simple statistics (number of crystals, healing potions, points etc. in a map)
  • Test map feature (map is saved, game is launched in Dosbox, tested level is "saved" on the first savegame slot)
  • Many keyboard shortcuts and special mouse actions for Ctrl/Shift key combinations

Additional modding features

  • Export and import any file from/to HOCUS.DAT (graphics, music, sounds...)
  • Viewing, exporting and importing sprites in Hocus Pocus Sprite Format
  • Viewing, exporting and importing menu and UI graphics in Hocus Pocus Image Format
  • Exe patching feature
  • Apply mod patch feature (the way for distribution of mods)
  • "Compute VRAM usage" feature to help modders manage the graphics limitations


The zip package contains a readme file and document called "Hocus Pocus graphics replacement guide". In the readme file basic modding tips and instructions how to install and use the program are described. The "graphics replacement guide" is a PDF document which deeply describes how the Hocus Pocus graphics work and what limitations are there. It provides two illustrative examples how to replace a tileset and a backdrop image, as well as the instructions to edit sprites and menu/UI graphics.