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This pages lists all the known cheats and debugging codes for Halloween Harry.

Conventional cheats

  • Pressing B + I + G will give the player full health and flamethrower/jetback fuel.
  • Pressing Ctrl + R + E + N will give the player all weapons and a few seconds of invincibility.

Debugging codes

  • Alt + L, x, y for level warp to episode x (1-4) level y (1-5).
  • Alt + = followed by level coordinates to warp the player to another location in the level.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Right-Shift + F12 to display player's current coordinates within the map.
  • Alt + Q will immediately exit the game at any time, even during title sequences. In the beta version, the game doesn't always end cleanly and often freezes the machine at the DOS prompt, however sometimes Alt + Q can be pressed again and some gibberish or runtime error messages will appear on the screen, suggesting things like they keyboard handler have not been removed at exit.
  • F10 in the beta version only will dump a screenshot to scrrip.raw and scrrip.pal.

Command line options

Launching harry.exe or carnage.exe with the below parameters to change the game's behaviour.

Parameter Versions Description
skip All except beta Skip the title sequences and jump straight to the main menu. In the beta version the word SKIP must be uppercase, and must be the second parameter on the command line to have any effect.
PINE_GAP Beta only "World War 3 activated!" in text launch screen, access to all episodes, god mode, full ammo, certain game elements are sped up (e.g. pressing P for pause makes the message blink more quickly). In this mode, pressing L ends the level and proceeds to the next one. Pressing T to toggle turbo mode causes the game to pause while it is being held, however with PINE_GAP activated the game does not seem to pause.
2 Beta only A single digit, 1-4. When restoring a game, it will start in zone 1 in this episode. It is assumed the zone can also be set but currently unknown how.