Fatal Racing

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Fatal Racing
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Fatal Racing, known as Whiplash in the USA, is a 3D stunt car racing game developed by Gremlin Interactive and published in 1995 for DOS.

Several versions of the game exist, with slightly different file layouts.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
RAW Audio @11025 Hz Anouncer audio in English, French, and German respectively
*.HMP Human Machine Interfaces MIDI Format Music files in "Human Machine Interfaces MIDI P" format. (See note)
BNK Format (Ad Lib) Instrument files for HMP music
? Compressed resource files
? Car texture files, 2 for each standard car
x(car).bm for the default, and y(car).bm for the alternate set.
VGA Palette VGA Palette files
ASCII Text file Game menu texts in English, French, and German

Most of these files are contained in the "fatdata" folder. In addition, there is a single TGA Format image of a cheat car.


  • The HMP music files contain the version 2 HMP header (HMIMIDIP013195) However, they appear to have a different formatting than standard HMP files.
  • This game is one of the few 3DFX-enabled title if not the only one, to have Glide libraries statically linked. In consequence, none of the emulators/tools such as DOSBox or NGlide can run the 3DFX version.