F-15 Strike Eagle III

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F-15 Strike Eagle III
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F-15 Strike Eagle III was one of many flight simulators‏‎ released by Microprose. Compared to their earlier simulators such as F-15 Strike Eagle II and F-117A Nighthawk, it has a much more complex simulation engine, two-player support and uses textures (for the ground only, not for 3D objects).

Items marked as "Editable" in the infobox to the right are in most cases merely theoretically editable, without tools available to edit them yet.

File formats

File format documentation is available at http://strikeeagleeye.sourceforge.net/doc/index.html and is a work in progress (not all of the known formats are documented, and not all formats are understood yet). Although some of the file formats are at least partly shared with other Microprose games such as F-117A Nighthawk, the overlap has not been fully documented, and due to lack of anyone else working in this area, there does not appear to be any need to separate those parts of the documentation out into non-game-specific parts.