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Eol!, full title Eol-ui Moheom (Eol's Adventure) is a platformer featuring a cutesy yellow creature named Eol, who one day, without warning, witnesses the world being split by an immense blast. This blast originating from a being known as Kare who too is of Eol's race.

The game features some of the best mechanics of Family Production, featuring legitimate challenge, hit-detection, and more well-scripted bosses and enemies. Visually it offers some of the best and most colorful VGA graphics among other titles in its genre.

File formats

File name Description
*.cfg Game settings.
*.pal 6-bit VGA Palette.
*.emf IMS Format
EOL.BNK BNK Format (Ad Lib).
*.fx5 Family Production FX5 File.
*.eft RIFF Wave, Creative Voice File and raw 8-bit unsigned, 8000 sample rate sounds..
*.cap A form of actor behavior (AI) script.
*.fam Variable, but graphical and consists of scenes, including cutscenes.
*.mjd Unknown but seemingly deals with multi-part enemies.
*.mcd Unknown, but deals with maps.
*.img Seemingly Map Graphical Tiles.
*.efp Unknown, but deals with maps.
*.DPP Dragon Patch file, handled by DPP.EXE. Otherwise, unknown.


- Object layout in stages are apparently hardcoded in the game executable EOL_GAME.EXE as no other file seemingly handle this function. However, overall level layout is handled by the MAP files. The setup thus far is unknown.