Dungeons of the Unforgiven Character Creation Text

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Dungeons of the Unforgiven Character Creation Text
Format typeText
Text purposeHelp
Line endingsCRLF
Character setASCII

UROLL.TXT contains the help text for the character creator in Dungeons of the Unforgiven, starting with the difficulty screen and ending with class selection. Unlike some of the other text storage formats, the formatting, font size, and coloration of this text is done programmatically, and the line of the file determines where the text is displayed on the screen.

Line Numbers Description
1 Prompt to select difficulty levels.
2-6 Normal difficulty explanation.
7-13 "I Can Handle Anything" difficulty explanation.
14-27 Contest difficulty explanation.
28 Prompt for the user to press a key to create their character.
29 "Create your character" heading.
30-39 General description and hints on the character creation process.
40 Prompt for the user to press a key to continue.
41 Race selection heading.
42-43 Instructions on how to select a race.
44 Table headings for the race selector.
45-52 The races that can be selected, in the following order: Humanoid, Ape, Childman, Rodent, Hobo, Giant, Midget, and Shrimp. Note that changing the specified attributes will not have any in-game effect.
53 Instructions on how to select a class.
54-55 The description for the Fighter class.
56-57 The description for the Worshipper class.
58-59 The description for the Monk class.
60-61 The description for the Wizard class.
62-63 The description for the Priest class.
64-66 The description for the Sage class.
67-68 The description for the Mage class.
69 Unused. In the unmodified file, this contains a hyphen, presumably as a visual indication as to the end of the file.
  • ! Work out the maximum column widths for each of these, and document what happens when that's exceeded.


This file format was documented by Spectere. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)