DAT Format (ZZT)

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Starting with ZZT version 3.0, a special archive exists that contains all the MSG and HLP files.


ZZT will search its own directory first when looking for a particular file. If the file can't be found there, it will look inside ZZT.DAT. This allows for game modification without actually modifying any of the original files.


Offset Hex Data type Description
0 0x000 INT16LE Number of files in the archive
2 0x002 fileName[24] Start of the file name list
1226 0x4CA INT32LE[24] Start of the file offset list

There are 24 file names. ZZT will read through them until it encounters a zero-length string. That's how it determines that it has reached the end of the file list.

Offset Data type Description
+0 UINT8 Length of the file name
+1 char[50] File name, with padding

Extracting Files

There is nothing to indicate the actual stored length of the files. Therefore, it's important to know how to parse the format of the file that is being requested in order to know when the file actually ends.