Corridor 7 Alien Invasion

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Corridor 7 Alien Invasion
Corridor 7 Alien Invasion.png
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Corridor 7 Alien Invasion was released in 1994 using a modified version of the Wolf 3D engine.


The following tools are able to work with this game.

Name PlatformGroup/archives Levels Graphics Music Sounds Text Saves .exe patch Notes
Wolfenstein Data Compiler WindowsEditEditEditEditEditEditNoEdit

File formats

File name Description
AUDIO*.CO7 AudioT Format.
AUTOSAVE.DAT Autosave data.
CONFIG.DAT Configuration File.
CORR7CD.EXE CD Version Executable.
GFX*.CO7 Textures and sprites.
MAP*.CO7 Maps in GameMaps Format.
VGA*.fat Screens and font.