Chill Manor

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Chill Manor
Chill Manor.png
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Chill Manor is the sequel to I.M. Meen released in 1996. It follows a group of children out to stop Ignatius Mortimer Meen's wife, Ophelia Chill, who is altering the course of history.

The game uses an updated version of the I.M. Meen engine sporting features of animated tiles, transforming actors, mipmaps, and multiple dimensional textures.

File formats

File name Description
*.xmi Extended Midi Files.
*.wav Standard WAV audio files.
*.lab LAByrinth files, generic uncompressed containers.
*.ani Animated cutscenes.
*.pcx PCX Format screens and backgrounds.
*.img V2 Meen IMG file.
*.def Mostly the same as I.M. Meen with the exception that OBJECTS.def is compressed.
*.cmp Image format that makes up many of the interface graphics including icons and first-person weapons, otherwise unknown.
*.bmp Standard bitmaps, mostly for history puzzle fonts.
*.ega Raw EGA data.
*.atb,*.stb Tables that seemingly deal with Adlib and Sound Blaster, respectively.
*.exp AnimatedWall text definition file.

File format notes

Much of the file formats used in Chill Manor were also used in I.M. Meen, except separated into folders. Within the RES folder some LAB files do not appear to be actual data containers, these are: RESCH, RESCH1, RESCH2, RESGR, RESPZ. As of yet these serve no known purpose. The GAME_SCR.PCX containing the game palette is present within RESINT.

The other new format is present in the HISTORY folder under EGA, which are raw uncompressed EGA graphic files, possibly used in an effort to diminish space usage.

STARTPOS is now known as LEVEL and features a 4th coordinate value.