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Edge of map!
Format typeText
Text purposeControl
Line endingsCRLF
Character setASCII

CHASM.INF allows plain-text configuration of several gameplay and graphical aspects of Chasm: The Rift. The file is divided into several sections.

MONSTERS section

Each line defines a creature present in the game. The first one is the player entity, the other 20 are enemy characters. It would appear that the number of possible enemies is limited (the official add-on replaces enemy definitions, rather than adding to the roster). ! Confirm. The .CAR file field is treated as an ASCII file name, the rest of the values as integers.

.CAR file WRad ARad SPEED R LIFE Kick Rock SepLimit
File with creature's binary data ! Apears to be radius for determining if the entity is in contact with a wall. ! Appears to be radius at which the entity is considered to be in contact with actors (blocking player, attempting melee, but greater values do not allow melee to actually hit from further distances.) ! Movement speed? ! Adjust movement speed? Hit Points Melee attack damage Projectile ID number (Defined in ROCKETS section)
Use -1 for melee-only enemies
! How hard enemy is to dismember?

3D_OBJECTS section

! Fill this out better.

Appears to be for defining grabbable objects; out of the many parameters only a few seem to actually be used (the rest are the same for every object).

  • Shadow - A 1 for objects that cast a shadow, 0 otherwise
  • ACode - ! Probably hooks to something hardcoded for what item to pick up
  • "Filename" - A .3O file to use for the object.
  • "Animation" - An optional .ANI companion file for the .3O.

WEAPONS section

Defines each of the player's weapons in four lines per weapon: 3 for files, and one for stat numbers.

  • MODEL = .3O file for weapon-in-hand
  • STAT = .ANI file ! For idling?
  • SHOOT = .ANI file
RType RldTm YSh RZ0 DAm Limit Start RCount
Projectile ID number
(Defined in ROCKETS section.)
Delay between shots ! ? ! ? ! Shot damage? Doesn't seem to affect rifle Max ammo Ammo in pickup Projectiles per shot, only appears to be valid for hitscans.
1 = always accurate, single shot
Greater numbers = scatter shot of X bullets.
E.G. 4 for shotgun, 2 for Volcano.

ROCKETS section

Defines player and enemy ranged attacks, as referenced in the MONSTERS and WEAPONS sections. The ID numbers are not explicit, but determined by the order of the entries in the file.

If the model and animation fields are left blank instead of specifying a file, then the attack is treated as a hitscan rather than a projectile.

  • 3d_MODEL = ASCII string, .3O filename for the projectile
  • ANIMATION = ASCII string, .ANI filename to go with the .3O
BW GF Ard CRd Pwr Rfl FBright Light Auto Auto2 Fast Smoke
! Special effect? (e.g. 4 gives Mega Destroyer's white flash) Effect of gravity on projectile
(0 = doesn't fall)
! ? ! ? Damage dealt ! Unsure, used only on Gross' throwing rocks ! Bright projectile? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? Sprite ID number for trail effect (defined in BLOWS section)

GIBS section

Defines gibs and other chunks of stuff. ! Document these settings

BLOWS section

Defines sprites, which use .OBJ files.

Like the ROCKETS section, the ID numbers are determined by the order of the entries in this file, rather than explicitly.

! Document these settings


Defines flame sprites, which also use .OBJ files. ! Document these settings

SOUNDS section

Defines sound effects. ! Document these settings