CEL Format (Chasm)

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CEL Format (Chasm)
There is no example of an image in this format — upload one!
Format typeImage
Colour depth8-bit (256 colour)
Minimum size (pixels)0×0
Maximum size (pixels)65535×65535! test/confirm
Plane count1
Transparent pixels?Yes
Hitmap pixels?No

Chasm: The Rift image format. Last colour index (255) used to indicate transparent area on the image.

File Format

Data type Name Description
INT16LE id CEL file ID, Must be 0x9119 (bytes 0x19 0x91)
INT16LE width image width
INT16LE height image height
INT16LE unknown ! ???
INT16LE unknown ! ???
INT16LE unknown ! ???
INT16LE unknown ! ???
INT16LE unknown ! ???
BYTE[16] filler padding/filler ! (always zero)?
BYTE[256*3] palette VGA 6 bit RGB palette
BYTE[width*height] data image data


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