Binary Text Format (ZZT)

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This format is used to store text in later versions of ZZT.

Outside of ZZT.DAT

In version 2.0, there is no ZZT.DAT to contain text files. Therefore, all its help and end messages are stored in plain text. Line endings are 0D 0A.

End messages may also have 0x1A at the end of the file to indicate that it is, in fact, EOF.

Embedded in ZZT.DAT

When ZZT loads text from ZZT.DAT, help and end messages are similar to standard text files with a couple extra rules:

  • Carriage return and line feed characters (0D, 0A) are omitted.
  • A line consisting of a single '@' character indicates the end of the file.
    • This line is not shown to the user.

Each line of text is stored as a byte indicating the length of the line, followed by the line characters.

Data type Description
UINT8 Length of the line of text
char[length] Line of text