AMF Format

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AMF Format
Format typeMusic
Notation typeTracked
Max channel count32
Max track countn/a
Max pattern count256
Max order count256
Tags?Title, instrument names

There are two different AMF module formats: Ayslum Music Format (used in Crusader: No Remorse and Crusader: No Regret) and the music format introduced by the Digital Sound and Music Interface (DSMI) by Otto Chrons. This article describes the latter format. DSMI and its module format was used in a number of games. Some later games, in particular those published by Webfoot, use a slightly different variant of the format identified by its "DMF" magic bytes (instead of "AMF"). This variant uses delta-encoded samples and omits song and sample names, leading to slightly improved compressability with general-purpose compression algorithms (such as DEFLATE). The AMF format is well-supported by a variety of module players, such as libxmp and libopenmpt.